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Welcome to Destined Chat!
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: welcome .. well the episode are only available to be read. Maybe someday destined makes it on tv. who knows Jan 25, 2015 18:53:09 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: hello guys. episode 4 will be post during the week. sorry but lately I have been having lot of work. thanks :) Jan 26, 2015 0:01:35 GMT
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: we understand prue Jan 27, 2015 1:57:21 GMT
Damon Morgan: the teaser has left me anxious for more Jan 27, 2015 1:57:54 GMT
Guest: Hi :D anybody home :d Jan 29, 2015 19:00:33 GMT
Angela Walters: yes Jan 29, 2015 19:43:53 GMT
Tia: Even though I am glad the half manticore is here I am but I still wish Matt was the face of a Halliwell cause he looks more like a Halliwell. LOL but its all good I liked his name for the half manticore. :) Jan 30, 2015 4:01:58 GMT
Tia: Prue you still rock dude. I love you! And miss you very very much. Jan 30, 2015 4:02:21 GMT
Angela Walters: Hi Tia Jan 30, 2015 4:04:00 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: Hello Tia Tia :) Nice to see you here. Lov you too darling. Yeah, you know that I thought about it, but I wanted to get him with Melinda, and once we have prue and wyatt it would be a little cliche to have him with Melinda if he was her cousin. but for me Jan 30, 2015 16:17:41 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: I think of him as a Halliwell cause he grew up as a family member Jan 30, 2015 16:18:04 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: Thank you for you kind words. come and visit us as much as you like. you´re always welcome here Jan 30, 2015 16:18:25 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: So episode four is almost done. I´ll try to post the rest of it tonight. This Sunday and next Sunday we´ll be on hiatus. the reason is that I have a little to much to do and besides my birthday is on the 7th so I really need a time out. it doesn´t mean Jan 30, 2015 16:22:01 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: I won´t try to update wiki page. have a lot to do there. so, i´ll try my best to do it. New episodes are back on Sunday 15th after Valentine´s day :D Jan 30, 2015 16:22:55 GMT
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell: no problem, sol. yeah that´s right, your birthday is in a week Jan 30, 2015 18:36:25 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: sorry guys but the rest of episode 4 will have to wait till sunday... just a couple of days.. sorry Jan 31, 2015 0:09:28 GMT
Melissa Cooper: don´t worry prue. we understand Jan 31, 2015 0:10:06 GMT
melinda1: was pru brianna johnna halliwell named after prew from th first 3 seasons? Jan 31, 2015 19:54:27 GMT
melinda1: Was prewdance named after the prew from the first 3 seasons? Jan 31, 2015 19:58:00 GMT
melinda1: I have neverseen Destined on t.v. wher can I find it in the stores can you help me? Jan 31, 2015 20:02:11 GMT
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