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Welcome to Destined Chat!
Ella Marie Davies: i´m agree with you it was very revealing. i wonder how evil wyatt coul be Sept 22, 2014 23:42:31 GMT
Penelope Cassandra Halliwell: Awesome episode! Sept 23, 2014 1:33:33 GMT
Angela Walters: Good eipsode Sept 23, 2014 1:49:48 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: thank you guys. your guys opinion means a lot to me. 17 will be post soon ;) Sept 23, 2014 12:05:10 GMT
Pandora Katherine Mitchell: great episode that one. what´s next to come to Destined??? I just can´t wait for more. congratulations prue. Sept 23, 2014 18:28:45 GMT
irina: i just found destined. i was a big fan of charmed, got all its dvds and now just started reading destined´s first episode and i love it. can´t wait to go to 166 cause i can see people is loving it Sept 23, 2014 18:34:45 GMT
Jackson White: welcome to Destined . i love destined and it the best spin off i ever found of it. i used to read a few ones but the stopped posting and Destined is not only great but is still alive. prue tries her best to get destined to us, she has a live but she Sept 23, 2014 18:38:43 GMT
Jackson White: keeps the site alive and that´s what makes me coming here every week to see the news and sometimes even read again what was already post.another thing i love is that in destined we find some answer/explanations to certain things that got no answer in Sept 23, 2014 18:40:05 GMT
Jackson White: charmed. so be welcome to our small but great family. about episode 16, i just loved it. it was a strong episode and let me see that if this was on tv the ratings would increase with this episode. great one. Sept 23, 2014 18:44:30 GMT
Fiona: I make mine your words, jackson Sept 23, 2014 18:49:32 GMT
Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell: thank you guys :) Sept 24, 2014 22:25:49 GMT
rose1987: great episode Sept 24, 2014 22:31:30 GMT
Siobhan: 100% agree. love the episode. can´t wait for next episodes Sept 24, 2014 22:32:25 GMT
Ella Marie Davies: I´ve just posted my reply. sorry it took me so long ;) Sept 28, 2014 17:14:27 GMT
Daniel Simpson: Oooo???? Sept 28, 2014 19:27:40 GMT
Ally Daren: Ella Marie Davies, it's fine. :D Sept 29, 2014 10:03:10 GMT
Ella Marie Davies: sorry, i used your other character´s name... lol i guess work is blowing up my brain ;) Sept 29, 2014 13:32:11 GMT
Kennedy Parker: No problem! Sept 29, 2014 17:57:34 GMT
Kennedy Parker: Oh, wait...Sorry, I forgot I logged into this account for...some reason. Sept 29, 2014 17:58:08 GMT
Ella Marie Davies: loool not a problem :) Sept 29, 2014 22:20:30 GMT
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